Use Hangfire with SQLite in ASP.Net 4.5.

I’ll install Hangfire with SQLite, which could be quick and easy solution for small projects, which do not need full blown DB server. Versions of each framework and libraries are as follow. APS.Net MVC 4.5.2 SQLite Hangfire Hangfire SQLite extension Confusion selecting correct SQLite library. When go to page, we can see the… Continue reading Use Hangfire with SQLite in ASP.Net 4.5.

SQLite in .Net

After using SQLite for a while, a few conclusions that I had were SQLite is quite stable enough to be used in corporate environment. SQLite is faster than SQLCE. For a SQLite admin, use the Firefox addon – SQL Server Compact Toolbox will be useful: Both SQLite and SQLCE cannot be used in a… Continue reading SQLite in .Net