Jenkins – Build set up for .Net project

Continuous integration and continuous deployment is the holy grail of the modern DevOps. Jenkins is the most popular continuous integration tool out there, but it requires some other knowledge to set it up, because Jenkins does not provide full out-of-the-box features for .Net projects. Installing Jenkins and set up to use source code control system… Continue reading Jenkins – Build set up for .Net project

SQLite in .Net

After using SQLite for a while, a few conclusions that I had were SQLite is quite stable enough to be used in corporate environment. SQLite is faster than SQLCE. For a SQLite admin, use the Firefox addon – SQL Server Compact Toolbox will be useful: Both SQLite and SQLCE cannot be used in a… Continue reading SQLite in .Net

CSV Library to use

At first, I used custom built CSV helper class, which simply separates CSV formatted string with a comma and push the data into DataTable. However, this class didn’t handle double quotation qualifier well enough. So, I started searching for a CSV library. One reliable and mostly recommended CSV library was A Fast CSV Reader (aka LumenWorks.Framework.IO) by Sebastien Lorion,… Continue reading CSV Library to use

DateTime time zone conversion in .Net / C#

Converting time zone sometimes can be tricky. If we understand a few basic facts around time zone and knows the how to use it, it turns out relatively easy. Basics of Time Zone There are 3 concepts to know clearly about time zones. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) : Standard time zone. When it comes to the… Continue reading DateTime time zone conversion in .Net / C#