How to mine the coin in a one page

Make a wallet. Join the mining pool. Install the mining program from the mining pool above. Setting the PC using Afterburner, etc. regarding overclock or power supply, etc.Setting example. Low Core clock Hight Memory clock Low power limit Check the console values: example target value is for RTX 3070Ti Average speed in Hash… Continue reading How to mine the coin in a one page

Functional Programming in one page

A mathematical function returns the same result every time. The functional world has 2 characteristics. The function has no side effects. Take input and produce output. -> called pure function. All data structure is immutable. -> There is no mutable state. A functional programming language provides a bridge between pure functional work and the messy… Continue reading Functional Programming in one page

Azure Event service cheat sheet

Storage Queue: Queue. large and slow messages. e.g. dead-letter event. Service Bus: Transactional message. At-most-once delivery. Event Hub: IoT, log data, stream data Event Grid: Link events from the event source to the event handler (e.g. function). Pub/Sub. 1 to Many delivery.