DDD Perth 2022

2022 DDDPerth. The second face-to-face gathering since the Covid and got bigger than last year. I couldn’t attend DDDPerth last year because there were limited sits due to Covid, but this year 1,200 developers joined, and 9 tracks were available. As there were 9 sessions running at the same time, I couldn’t join the multiple… Continue reading DDD Perth 2022

A DotNet developer’s view about Technology Radar V26

As a new Technology Radar release with a bunch of interesting techs, a few drew my attention. Techniques Single team remote wallThis can be useful in a remote team. Documentation quadrantsDocumentation can be one of these. Tutorials, Discussions, How-To Guides, or References. And more tips on documentation. Rethinking remote standupsThe daily stand-up is supposed to… Continue reading A DotNet developer’s view about Technology Radar V26

How to manage shared library in c# project

Best article I have ever seen so far regarding this topic. https://www.devtrends.co.uk/blog/creating-your-first-shared-library-in-.net-core

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EF Core 7 deadly sin

Load testing tool Bombardier https://github.com/codesenberg/bombardier   EF Core 7 deadly sin Get only the rows that you need Casting IQueryable -> IEnumerable use .Count() from IQueryable rather than IEnumerable, which will query all data and parsing all. Not using AsNoTracking Can be faster 4x times. Explicit joins Select and map to the object directly rather… Continue reading EF Core 7 deadly sin