Tools and Libraries for an ASP.Net developer in 2018

Tools Resharper One of the most popular productivity tool for Visual Studio users. As Visual Studio keep adding the same functions introduced by Resharper, it’s getting pretty OK just use Visual Studio without Resharper. Still, I love using Resharper as it helps me focus on problem-solving.   In particular, I like its continuous testing feature. Bad… Continue reading Tools and Libraries for an ASP.Net developer in 2018

Jenkins – Build set up for .Net project

Continuous integration and continuous deployment is the holy grail of the modern DevOps. Jenkins is the most popular continuous integration tool out there, but it requires some other knowledge to set it up, because Jenkins does not provide full out-of-the-box features for .Net projects. Installing Jenkins and set up to use source code control system… Continue reading Jenkins – Build set up for .Net project

Jenkins vs Teamcity

Quick and simple comparison between Jenkins and Teamcity based on personal use on both for a month. Jenkins Teamcity Price Free Free up to 20 build configuration Unlimited build license starts from $1,999 Configuration Data Internally managed XML file SQLServer Install Easy Easy, but need to set up with SQLServer. Build configuration Normal Normal, especially… Continue reading Jenkins vs Teamcity

Continuous Integration and deployment

At first, CI and CD looked just awesome and help my life easier. After apply Teamcity and Octopus for a few project locally as a testing, I started feeling that it’s a must for developer. As everyone uses source code repository like TFS and Git, Continuous Integration is a must. A final goal would be… Continue reading Continuous Integration and deployment