Continuous Integration and deployment

At first, CI and CD looked just awesome and help my life easier. After apply Teamcity and Octopus for a few project locally as a testing, I started feeling that it’s a must for developer. As everyone uses source code repository like TFS and Git, Continuous Integration is a must.

A final goal would be continuous and automated building, testing and deployment. Additionally, what really great when adopting CI is that source code integrity is naturally kept and the fact that release version is managed is cool.

I manage relatively small, but many apps, which is hard to cleanly manage. When urgent, it’s easy to tempted to cut corners ending up source code is not properly committed or release version does not managed at all.

I started with Jenkin and found its UI is not as nice as recent pretty web interfaces. Next, I tried Teamcity and Octopus, which is known as applied in and many other .Net development teams.

It’s was a bit tricky to set up at first time, but concept and terms are similar between Jenkins and Teamcity.

Teamcity works nice with .Net projects, but just because Jenkins is open-source and most popular one. Let’s see which one works better for me.

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