How to choose between VirtueMart and Magento

Simply put, – VirtueMart : simple, easy, low functionality, paid extensions available, directly glued to Joomla. – Magento : clean, difficult, high calibre, good enough for enterprise, but heavy and slow, can be costly for management, have to use bridge to link to Joomla. ref:  

Development Projects since 2011

.Net / C# – Cost Reporting (2011) Tech: ASP.Net 4.0, DataSet, Entity Framework, MS-SQL, n-tier Architecture Context: Group assignment for the subject, .Net Enterprise Development. Learn Two ways of connecting DB, which are DataSet and Entity Framework using LINQ. General use of ASP.Net including Gridview. – XNA game; ‘tank war‘ (2011) Tech: XNA 4.0, Physics engine… Continue reading Development Projects since 2011