Subversion Clients

As a developer to use/access Subversion, you have to use subversion client as follows.

  • for Windows User
  • for Mac User
    • Simple One : svnX 1.3.2
    • Plug-in for Eclipse : subclipse 1.6
      (be careful to choose right version. v1.6 is good for now)
Subversion is all same. But, the client has slightly different function and workflow so it’s good to be careful to use several client at the same time. Misuse of subversion can be a horror movie.


How to install Subversion at OSX

I recently install SVN 1.6.17 using Collalab install program.

Easiest way for individual developer using standalone machine

When using svn with eclipse, be careful to choose subclipse version. Because lastest version, 1.8 requires SVN 1.7 which is rare item. So, for the moment, subclipse 1.6 is just fine for general purpose, which works fine with SVN 1.6.

I spent several days for this version dismatch issues. Which is frankly crazy, new version doesn’t support earlier version? Have to be careful, otherwise you will waste lots of time just for nothing.

BTW, mac osx comes with Subversion out of the box, which is not a latest version though.


Easy Deploy with SVN

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