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– As Korean web hosting company, I had used for more than 10 years. But recently, stop the contract with the hosting company.
– Paid roughly $20 per month
– Restricted disk space, traffic, only one mySQL DB allowed
– No C-Panel, no script install
– Absolutely, no reason to spend money for this kind of service.
– Currently using this hosting.
– paying $6/month
– Unlimited space, traffic, email account, Database, literally no limited amount.
– C-Panel is easy to use for hosting management, and one of the best among other C-Panels.
– One click script istall, which cover almost 50s web applications, is so convenient, which is especially powerful because these application covers almost every open-source application out there. In this sense, Bluehost is one of the best.
– But, rather slow and force kill fast-cgi process which cause redmine (issue tracker) be much slow.
– Similar with Bluehost, sheap, unlimited amount, Panel and script install supplied.
– There is saying that redmine works faster in hostgator than in Bluehost, because hostgater support ‘passenger’ to be used.
– For this reason, Hostgator might be the next hosting service for me.
– One of my volunteering org. using it.
– Economic host for .Net web hosting. $10/month. (extra $10/m for MSSQL hosting)
– Not much function like Bluehost or Hostgator, but looks enough for .Net
– $5.09(on sale)/m (with 1year contract) regardless Linux/Windows server
– Many leaved this site after GoDaddy publicly supported SOPA(Stop Online Privacy Act). LINK
– Godday ‘Help pages’ doen’t work with Chrome properly in some menu.
– Used for MS hosting: a bit slow, but acceptable.
– Used for Linux: Slow and bumpy quite a lot. So, a site that I worked for retreated from it.
– Price starts from $5/m (with 1year contract) (including 1 DB), which is so economic for ASP hosting.
– If I need to extend one more hosting other than linux, this might be good choice.
– fastest ping response out of 5 above.

Ref: Best Web Hosting Company in Australia

Addition: For more serious service, Amazon and Rack Spaceam will be a good choice.


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