Joomla Templates Implementation Cases

Case 1.

Charity targeted template for Joomla 1.5.

The upper template ended up like this on the right at Joomla 1.7. Which means we almost utilize the design concept, but have to change a lot in terms of technology and module and a lot more. It might have been better buy new template which work for 1.7 rather than upgrading 1.5 template to work for 1.7, because it take quite a lot of time and effort, which doesn’t really worth it, meaning it’s inefficient way of doing. When I first started this work, I didn’t realized this fact, just got to understand we took a hard way. Still good experience to understand how Joomla works.

Case 2.

Template for Joomla 2.5. Quite recent style of design. Generally acceptable document to use for installation. But still has some difference between doc and real module or layout positions. Utilize K2 article module on almost every element, which is efficient way, because it’s one module multi-use.



The upper template ended up like the site right. Even though we used template, almost every element on the site has changed to custom contents, image, color theme. Only the layout is still alive.




Case 3.

 Responsive template for Joomla 2.5. Personally I really like it. In particular, it’s responsiveness supporting mobile screen. The document is quite reliable enough to install as a beginner.

This is how upper template is ending up like the site on right hand side, not yet finished though. This time, we followed color theme and most of element, but cut off second part and 4th part of original design layout so it ended up short and simpler site. Simple is better than make simple things looking complex.



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