A DotNet developer’s view about Technology Radar V26

As a new Technology Radar release with a bunch of interesting techs, a few drew my attention.


  • Single team remote wall. This can be useful in a remote team.
  • Documentation quadrantsDocumentation can be one of these. Tutorials, Discussions, How-To Guides, or References. And more tips on documentation.
  • Rethinking remote standups. The daily stand-up is supposed to be quick and get to the point. However, in the remote team, virtual standups can be used as an opportunity to share ideas,  socialize, and team building by having a decent time.
  • Server-driven UI and SPA by default(Hold item). Choosing SPA by default without deep thought can be a bad thing. Doing everything in the front-end also can be a bad thing.
  • CUPID SOLID is legacy. Utilize the CUPID principle and use BDD(or TDD). (Because the creator of CUPID is the creator of BDD). However, before taking CUPID seriously, the first thing is to understand SOLID properly and when and why SOLID is limited.


  • Azure DevOps and Azure Pipeline templates. It seems like Azure DevOps is mature enough now to use in Production.
  • Couchbase: Distributed NoSQL.It looks like it’s worth trying this to achieve performance in the database layer.
  • GitHub Actions and Reusable workflows in Github Actions
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Cloudflare Pages


  • Lighthouse: is a tool written by Google to assess web applications and web pages, collecting performance metrics and insights on good development practices.By using Lighthouse CI, it might be useful include it build pipeline and monitor the scores before and after.
  • NUKE: The cross-platform build automation solution for .NET with C# DSL
  • Packflow: Tools to use Pack with ease. Pack is a contract testing tool.
  • Sourcegraph: search and replace code using an abstract syntax tree (AST) representationBy using BitBucket in the team, we can search across all source code we have. Not sure what other benefits Sourcegraph can bring.
  • Volta: Node and javascript tools version manager. Alternative of npm.
  • Web Test Runner: web application test runner that runs in the browser.
  • Chrome Record Panel:
  • Excalidraw: online simple drawing tool. If you want a really simple drawing tool, here it is.
  • GitHub Codespace: Cloud dev environment for developers. I don’t see a use case for it.
  • Infracost: Show the cost for Terraform pull request.I don’t use Terraform, but it’s an awesome idea.
  • SQLFluff: The linter for SQL, which can be applied in CI/CD pipeline.
  • Typesense: a fast typo-tolerant text search engine. This can be an alternative to Elasticsearch

Languages & Frameworks

  • Azure Bicep: Bicep is a domain-specific language (DSL) that uses a declarative syntax to deploy Azure resources.
  • Npm workspaces: From npm 7, it supports multipackage development natively.

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